Out Of Order

About seven years ago, I used a gift certificate I’d received for my birthday to buy some DVDs. One of them was a movie named Serenity. We’d never seen the movie, but my brother-in-law Kurt had recommended it. I suppose you’re supposed to see a movie before you buy the DVD, but I trust Kurt’s taste in movies. Phillip and I both enjoy Serenity a lot.

Serenity was based on a short-lived TV show named Firefly. We’d never seen the TV show, but we knew of it. It was a Western/Science Fiction mash-up, written by Joss Whedon, and we had friends who were “Browncoats” (fans of Firefly). I suppose you’re supposed to see a TV show before you watch a movie based on it, but Serenity works just fine as a stand-alone story.

Over the years, we saw an episode or two of Firefly on Hulu, and we’d seen scenes from the show here and there. We learned some things about the show from our Browncoat friends, and from Wayward Coffeehouse. But we’d never seen the show in its entirety.

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a board game named “Firefly” – based on the TV show we had never seen.

Last Friday, as we played Firefly (the board game) with Colin and Sam, and we learned that they had seen neither the movie nor the TV show, and we tried to explain it to them, it occurred to me that maybe we should look into buying some DVDs of the TV show, so that we’d know what we’re talking about.

I found the complete series (14 episodes) of Firefly (the TV show) on four DVDs from Amazon at a reasonable price. They arrived yesterday.

So now, after seven years, Phillip and I are finally watching Firefly in its entirety. We’re hearing names and seeing people who are a part of the board game.

It feels a little like I’m watching a TV show based on a board game.

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