Good Timing

As I walked into work this morning, a coworker asked me if I’d had trouble sleeping. (Well, yes I did, I thought, but how did she know?) Then, somehow, I realized what she’d meant. I looked at my watch. I was very early. I mean, I always get to work early, but this morning I was earlier than usual.

I don’t pay much attention to bus schedules these days. I leave our apartment at roughly the same time every morning, catch the next 43 that comes by, transfer at Westlake, and catch the next Link train that arrives, and then walk the rest of the way to my office. Apparently, the schedules just clicked this morning.

It probably helped that I didn’t stop for either a latte or a bowl of oatmeal this morning.

Around the middle of the afternoon, we spotted a small group of police officers, dressed in full riot gear and carrying clubs, near our office building. (It probably had something to do with the latest Grand Jury decision. These are interesting times we live in.) The strange thing was, they didn’t appear ready for something to happen (except for their riot gear), and didn’t seem to be guarding anything. They were merely standing casually on the sidewalk. They were gone by the time I left work.

Those police made me wonder what I was going to find when I stepped out of the building. (I wasn’t afraid, and I was kind of hoping to see some protests.) But it was just another Wednesday evening in Downtown Seattle.

I stopped off at the Post Office to buy some stamps. Then I caught a 49 bus home.

5 thoughts on “Good Timing

  1. There was a protest demonstration at the Federal Building on Second Avenue, late on Wednesday afternoon, December 3. What good does it do, standing on the sidewalk and yelling? Police were there to keep them out of the street. I am guessing that maybe the protest was over and you saw police officers returning to their station on Fifth Avenue. Or the group you saw, might have been going off duty and stopped for something to eat on their way up to the station.

    • It does good because it gives people an outlet for the frustration they’re feeling. It does good because it brings awareness to an issue. It does good because it shows the world that not not all Americans agree with the actions of their government.

  2. There was a protest here, too. It was kind of weird.
    The participants looked like they were being coached. Like they didn’t really want to be there. They looked like they were being bullied into participating.

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