Procrastinate, And You Shall Receive

I have several good teas at my desk, but I rarely drink them. I have only one mug at my desk, and I use it for the endless pots of coffee my company provides. So, every time I want to switch to a cup of hot tea, I have to scrub out my coffee mug. I do clean out my coffee mug every so often, but I feel like I have really scrub the thing clean of all coffee taste to enjoy some tea. That’s easy at home, but not so easy at the office.

The ideal solution is get a second mug. I keep meaning to bring one from home, but I never seem to get around to doing it.

So, I rarely drink tea at work.

This morning, our office building management company threw a holiday party for all the tenants. There were doughnuts, bagels and cream cheese, fruit, coffee, and tea.

They had an ulterior motive. They wanted us all to complete a short survey about our commuting habits, so the building can receive a LEED certification.

Everyone who handed in a completed survey received a mug.

I now have two mugs at my desk.

I’ve been drinking hot tea today.

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