White And Pink Elephants

We had a small Holiday party and “White Elephant” gift exchange at work today.

Phillip and I still have stuff left over from that “everything you can fit in a bag for one price” clearance sale Archie McPhee had when it was in Ballard, so, last night, I figured I was set for a White Elephant gift exchange. I put a container of pink elephant swizzle sticks and a pack of pink elephant cocktail napkins in a Christmas bag and took it to work today.

This morning, before the party, a couple of coworkers and I asked each other if we’d brought a gift. It turned out that we each had a different idea of what “White Elephant” means. I said it was a gift of little or no value, and the fun is seeing what unusual things people have lying around their house . One coworker said it had nothing to do with the gift, but it was the type of gift exchange where people have a choice of either taking a wrapped present or “stealing” a present someone else has opened. The other coworker said it had to be both an unusual gift and a take-or-steal exchange.

I began to have doubts that I’d brought the right gift.

It turned out that our White Elephant gift exchange was neither. While the gifts weren’t expensive, none were really silly – except mine. There was no stealing, either. We lined up, picked out a present, and opened what we got. I got a gift box from Hickory Farms (sausage, cheese, crackers, and mustard).

During the party we had to each say what we were wishing for this season. My wish was: “Snow that starts falling on a Saturday morning and melts Sunday night.”

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