Big Ideas

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I caught a 7 bus on 3rd Avenue. I overheard the driver tell someone that if they want to get to Capitol Hill, they needed to either transfer at Pike Street or catch a 7 that turns into a 49.

That gave me an idea. This morning, I checked on the Metro web site to see how long I’d have to wait after work for one of those 7s that becomes a 49. If it’s not too long a wait, I thought, it might be worth it to get a one-bus commute home.

The answer: Almost 7 o’clock. I’m not willing to wait that long. Stupid bus system.

But, as I write this, I’ve come up with another idea: Could it possibly work in the morning? I doubt it, but I’ll check.

Meanwhile, I transferred that latte photo from our Nikon Coolpix S570’s internal memory to the laptop yesterday and replaced the storage card. I was afraid to copy the photo from the memory to the card, using the laptop, because I guessed it might mess up the camera’s file system. I didn’t know of any way to copy a photo using the camera. So I was stuck with one photo (which I didn’t really care about keeping) in the camera’s memory and a bunch of photos on the card. Plus, I couldn’t find any way to see a photo in the memory when the card is in the camera.

This morning, I decided that, before I deleted that latte photo, I’d see if there was any way to switch the viewfinder to see internal memory photos. Buried in the camera’s multi-layered menu system, I discovered that there is a way to copy a photo from internal memory to a storage card, and vice-verse. There’s no option to move a photo, but at least it’s on the card now.

I’ve now looked at the morning schedule for the 49. The last Downtown trip that becomes a 7 gets to Broadway at 6:20. That’s too early for me. So, I’ll continue to have a two-bus commute. Stupid bus system.

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