Too Old For This?

I woke up this morning around 8:00. I set the alarm on my cell phone for 10:00 and went back to sleep. I felt worn out and beat up.

I felt like I used to, decades ago, on those mornings after I’d been out clubbing and drinking all night. But. last night, I had only two beers, between 9:00 and 1:00. It seems the mere act of going out was enough.

Last night was the Electro Swing Extravaganza at Chop Suey. It was a great show, and a great night. The show opened with the Yiddish electro-swing band The Debaucherauntes (from Seattle), a burlesque act from Boom Boom L’Roix, vaudeville electro-swing from Sepiatonic (from Portland, Oregon), and, of course, electro-swing from Good Co.

I was amazed by Sepiatonic. I’d like to see more from them.

There weren’t as many audience members dressed in electro-swing attire as we’ve seen at other shows. There were, however, a lot of Santa Clauses, a Father Christmas, and at least one intoxicated Mrs. Claus.

I got to wrap a random stranger in plastic wrap last night.

Before the Electro-Swing Extravaganza, there was the NorWesCon holiday party. Phillip went to a meeting beforehand. He drove there. Then I took the 43, Link, and RapidRide A to the party, underestimating the amount of time it would take me. (I blame the unusually heavy amount of traffic on Capitol Hill. I never did find out why Olive Way was so jammed.) The party started at 4:30, Phillip suggested I get there at 4:00, and I arrived at 4:35.

I think one of the reasons I felt so wrung out this morning is that the room the NorWesCon party was in didn’t have enough seats, and I was standing for over two hours. Plus there were no seats at Chop Suey, and I was standing for most of the night, except for short breaks in the lounge.

There was a gift exchange at the NorWesCon party – a pick or steal event. Phillip brought a present, I did not, but Phillip had me pick a present when his turn came. The present I picked for us turned out to have brought by our friend Tina, and it was a book named Machine of Death. It didn’t get stolen, and I’m glad, because I want to read it.

From what I understand, Machine of Death is a collection of short stories based on one idea: A machine is able to accurately predict, based on a blood test, how you will die. It won’t predict when you’ll die, and trying to avoid a certain type of death is pointless, because the method won’t be as obvious as it seems.

Today was Writers’ Group. The walk up the hill felt good. It energized me.

I stopped into QFC on my way there, to get some snacks to bring. I ran into a former patient from the clinic I used to work in. We talked for a long time, including why he’s no longer a patient there. I really wonder what’s going on at my old clinic.

The piece I brought to Writers’ Group was an expanded re-write of my blog post “What A Morning“. I wrote it in one sitting yesterday morning, before Phillip left for his meeting. I’m pleased with it, and it seemed that the Group enjoyed it.

It’s Sunday evening, and I am tired.

4 thoughts on “Too Old For This?

  1. Too old? Sometimes we hit the sack at 9:30 on Fridays.
    I remember staying up til 3 a.m. on Fridays.
    The worst part? We kinda enjoy going to bed early, and being home on Fridays – instead of playing rock and roll in dimly lit bars 😉

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