Yummy Breakfast

I stopped by Cherry Street Coffee House for the third time this morning. There were no fountains of water this time, or the time before. This morning, I decided to try their breakfast menu. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese in a plain bagel.

It was yummy. It was so much better than the egg and sausage sandwiches I occasionally get from the self-serve cafeteria at our office. (A fresh-made sandwich tasted better than a pre-made one from the refrigerator. Imagine that!)

I started reading the first story in Machine of Death on the bus ride home today, but I didn’t get far. It’s called “Flaming Marshmallow”, by Camille Alexa. So far, it’s holding my interest. If I’d thought about it earlier, I would have started reading it over breakfast at Cherry Street Coffee House, instead of eating breakfast at my desk in front of Facebook.

Phillip and I are watching Firefly at a pace of about one episode per night. We’ve agreed to avoid bingeing on it. We’re watching the episodes in order. Sunday night, we watched “Jaynestown” – the only episode I vividly remembered seeing before. Some of my Browncoat friends say it’s their favorite episode, and it’s probably the best of those we’ve seen. It has so much going on in it – Simon and Kaylee’s “relationship”, Simon defending his proper attitude, River and The Bible, River and Book’s hair, and, of course, that song.

Last night’s episode, “Out of Gas”, was pretty good, too. There haven’t been any bad episodes.

It’s really the dialog that I love about Firefly. For instance, this exchange from last night’s episode,  as Mal is showing off the ship he just bought to Zoë, who is not impressed.

Mal: “Let me show you the rest. And try to see beyond what she is, and onto what she can be.”
Zoë: “What’s that, Sir?”
Mal: “Freedom is what.”
Zoë: “I meant what’s that?”
Mal: “Oh yeah. Just step around that. I think something musta been living in here.”

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