Early To Bed

So, I was going to write a blog post yesterday about how much fun I’m having with the “Latte” sub-series of my other blog. It motivates me to try some place new whenever I’m in the mood for a latte, hoping for an interesting cup to photograph.

(By the way, there is a lot I like about the theme I’m using for “Amazing and Ordinary”. But it also annoys me that the only way to see the blog menu is to go into a post. Plus, it annoys me that when I use the search feature the results show only the post titles – not the images. That’s not very handy for a theme named “Visual”. WordPress has many themes to choose from, and I can switch whenever I wish. We’ll see.)

So, I was going to write that blog post after a delicious dinner of bacon-wrapped, mushroom-stuffed chicken, steamed vegetables, and potato salad – eaten while we watched another episode of Firefly. (Despite what you may have read on this blog, we do cook dinner sometimes.) But this cold is knocking me out, and I went to bed right after dinner, at 8:00, and slept through the night. I had lots of fascinating dreams, like I always do when I’m sick, but, as usual, I don’t remember anything about them.

Today was Friday in the U District. I considered calling in sick, but I hopped on a 43 bus instead. (Phillip used up some vacation time and stayed home.)

During my mid-morning break, I walked over to the medical center and bought a latte. It was in an ordinary Starbucks cup, and Starbucks is already represented in the “Latte” series, so no photograph there.

After I was done in the U District, I caught an employee shuttle to First Hill, and then walked to Downtown, past Diva Espresso and Kafe Berlin – whose cups may show up in the “Latte” series someday.

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