Another Book

A group of my friends, including me, like to take those silly online quizzes: “Which Star Trek captain are you?”, “What 80s song is your theme song?”, “Which vegetable are you?”, “What type of killer are you?”, and so on. They’re fun, and it’s fun to share your answers with everyone so they can judge how accurate the answer is.

I took a quiz a while back called, “Which new novel should you be reading?”. It was more interesting than fun. It told me I should be reading 10:04, by Ben Lerner. I hadn’t heard of it, but if some online quiz said I should be reading it, I figured I’d better put it on hold at the library.

The library had the novel on order. There weren’t many holds on the eBook version – maybe I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t heard of it – so I added my hold to the list. Then I forgot about it. I didn’t have anything else on hold, and I was busy reading The Jesus Incident, Pride and Prejudice, and Machine of Death.

I remembered it earlier this week. I checked on my hold: I was 5 on 10 copies. Then I was 2. It became available for download yesterday. I remembered it this morning, and I downloaded it into my Kobo Mini.

I don’t know, yet, what 10:04 is about.

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