Little Things Today

I saw a video on the internet today that made my eyes water. Somewhere in India, a monkey was climbing on the overhead wires at a train station. It got electrocuted and fell between the platforms, unconscious. Another monkey spent twenty minutes trying to revive his friend, trying several things: hitting, biting, and dunking in water. The monkey eventually regained consciousness.

It reminded me of the times either Phillip or I would be sick during playtime, and our sugar gliders would persist on biting the sick person. For the longest time, we both thought it was punishment for not being playful. Then suddenly, somehow, it occurred to me that our sugar gliders were actually protecting us – keeping us active and alert (safe from predators, perhaps?).

I think the experiment to turn my job from analog to digital is going well. I was asked today to document the process, so that others can provide backup. Of course, writing the documentation was fun.

I was expecting to see less crowded buses, and more cars2go Downtown, today – so close to Christmas. Neither was the case. I’m not complaining – it was just an observation.

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