Thanks, Stranger!

While I was waiting for the bus on Olive Way this morning, I saw a Metro supervisor’s van go up the hill. That’s unusual, but not noteworthy.

A little while later, a stranger, walking down the hill, stopped and told us that there had been an accident at Broadway and John, and that the 43 and 8 buses were being detoured down Broadway.

I decided that today was as good a time as any to start walking to work. So, I started walking down Olive Way.

I wondered how I would have known about the detour if that stranger hadn’t stopped. Well, if I had a phone capable of receiving automated text alerts, I would have received one from Metro. Also, I was sure that supervisor was behind me somewhere, letting people at the bus stops know.

As I walked I was considering my options. Did I want to walk all the way to work? Did I want to walk only as far as Westlake Station and catch a train from there? Or did I want to walk only as far as Convention Place Station and catch a bus from there?

When I turned onto Bellevue Avenue, I considered stopping into Broadcast Coffee for a latte and maybe a new cup for the “Latte” sub-series on my other blog. But I decided that I wasn’t in the mood for a latte, and, besides, I wanted to space the latte cup photographs out a bit more.

As I approached Pine Street, I saw a 43 bus, rerouted down Pine, pull into the stop at Pike and Bellevue. I stuck to my rule of not running for buses – I had plenty of time – and let the bus go on without me.

I turned the corner onto Pine Street. The 43 was still there, apparently adjusting its schedule from the reroute, and I was able to board it without changing my pace. From there, it was my morning commute as usual.

During our morning break, my coworker Ryan showed up at my desk, said he wanted to try a coffee shop named City Grind, and invited me to come with him.

Following the map on his phone, we wound up at City Hall.

It turned out that City Grind was an espresso stand inside City Hall, not a coffee shop. I think Ryan was a little disappointed. But the coffee was good, and I ended up with a new cup for the “Latte” sub-series after all.

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