To Pike/Pine And Back

On Christmas Eve, Phillip and I caught a 49 bus to Pike/Pine and had the special prime rib dinner, with green beans and potatoes, and a side of ham, at Lost Lake. We caught a 49 bus home after dinner and watched the last two episodes of Firefly.

We slept late on Christmas Day. Then we exchanged presents.

We have a tradition of seeing a movie on Christmas Day. This year, we went to The Egyptian and saw The Imitation Game. We were hoping for a cheerier movie, but our choices were limited. Back when Phillip and Karen started the tradition, nobody went to a movie on Christmas. These days, it seems everybody does. The ticket holders’ line was long, but we got our favorite seats.

It was an excellent movie.

I managed to reserve a car2go for our trip to the theater. It was about two-thirds of our way there – hardly worth it, really – but it saved us a few blocks’ walk, or a wait for the bus, and it was free. I used 5 of my 15 free minutes.

While we waited in line for the movie, I watched someone pick up the car2go we drove there, and drive off.

After the movie, we walked over to Sam’s Tavern for hamburgers. After dinner, we found a car2go parked right outside the door, using the app on Phillip’s smart phone. Somehow, though, I ended up unlocking it instead of reserving it. While Phillip took care of the dinner check, I went outside to grab the car.

We need to learn how to use that app.

We drove the car2go home and immediately found a parking spot a block away from home. It used up 9 of the remaining free minutes.

One of the televisions at Sam’s Tavern was showing the A Christmas Story marathon on TBS. I confessed to Phillip that I had never seen the movie. So, as soon as we got home, Phillip made me turn on the TV to TBS. The movie was at the scene where Ralphie visits Santa and forgets what to ask for.

It turned out that it was the last showing of the marathon. So, I have still never seen A Christmas Story all the way through.

Phillip and I turned down two invitations to spend Christmas with just the two of us.

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