We’re Not The Type Of People Who Are On Our Phones All The Time

Last night, we decided to give Spaghetti Western a second try. We are glad we did. This time, they were open as advertised. The food was fancy, yet not expensive, and delicious.

As we walked home, Phillip asked me this question: Why do some apartment buildings have lobbies, while some do not?

He may have stumped me on that one. I have yet to find the answer online. My guess is that it’s either an issue of cost, or an issue of space – or a combination of the two. Or, maybe it’s the architect’s choice.

In my search, I did learn that there’s a building style known as Dingbat. We have several Dingbats in our neighborhood. I’ve yet to find an answer for Phillip, but I did learn something.

Today, we had planned to spend the day at Pamela’s house. Phillip was going to help her with some paperwork organization, and I was going to get a massage (Phillip’s gift to me).

In a reversal of our usual practice, I drove us up there. I decided to give the Highway 2/Lake Stevens route – the one Google keeps recommending – a try. Along the way, we stopped into the Safeway in Lake Stevens.

While we were shopping, Phillip checked his phone. There was a text message from Pamela: She wasn’t feeling well and wanted to postpone the visit. Phillip figured out that the text was received right about the time I was getting on the I-5 on-ramp at Capitol Hill – where I nearly hit a bicyclist who was running a red light. For the first time ever, I saw an advantage to being one of those people who is on their phone all the time.

Phillip called Pamela and told her we were in Lake Stevens and had just seen her message. Pamela replied that since we’d come so far, we might as well stop by for lunch. So maybe there’s an advantage to not being the type of people who are on their phones all the time.

We had an enjoyable time with Pamela, as always. I didn’t get a massage, and Phillip didn’t organize any paperwork, but it was a good time nonetheless.

Phillip drove us home. He chose the Marysville route. Pamela had asked us to drop off some DVDs at a Redbox for her, and we spotted one in Marysville.

I’m not convinced that either the Highway 2 route or the Marysville route is any better or any worse than the other.

Meanwhile, our first Netflix DVD – Grand Budapest Hotel – arrived in the mail on Friday. We haven’t watched it yet.

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