Little Changes

We watched Grand Budapest Hotel last night. We loved it – great story, great acting, and great visuals. I dropped the DVD in the mail on my way to the bus stop this morning. Next on the queue is Her. We’re become Netflix renters. I’ll probably be saying “I miss video stores” for a while longer.

I went to the Seattle Public Library web site today to see when my digital copy of 10:04 expires. I was surprised to see a “Renew” option. I had been under the impression that library eBooks weren’t renewable – that you check them out once, and when they expire, you need to check out another copy. (I realize, of course, that after I renew an eBook, I’d have to download another copy – since the file in my eBook will still expire.) I don’t know if I’ve been mistaken about this, or if this is something new at the library. I considered asking the library about it, but decided that the answer didn’t matter. I can renew eBooks! I could have used that option with The Handmaid’s Tale – if I’d been paying attention to the expiration date.

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