Soup Comes To Me

I’ve been in the mood for a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I imagine that has something to do with this post from The Persistent Platypus. Chicken noodle is probably my favorite soup.

I thought about walking over to the grocery store last night for a can of chicken noodle soup, but Pamela had gaven me some leftovers from that delicious bean & ham soup she fed us on Sunday – so I had that instead. It was just as yummy left over.

Forget whatever I’ve written before. I like soup.

Today, Jamie and Ryan and I walked over to the food court for lunch together. I’d decided on a chicken bowl from my favorite noodle bowl place. (That’s sort of like chicken noodle soup, right?) But, a few of the food places were closed today – including my favorite noodle bowl place. (I think it’s called ‘Bowls and Noodles”, or something similar.)

So, I followed Ryan and Jamie over to City Soups. I’ve had their chili and their clam chowder before. It’s good soup there.

On the selection today was chicken noodle soup. It hit the spot.

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