Magnolia, The Unknown Territory

Last night, we went to Snowie’s “Low-Key Housewarming Party” for his new apartment in Magnolia.

I don’t know my way around Magnolia. We’ve been geocaching there, and we’ve been to Discovery Park a few times, but it’s not a place we visit – it’s not really on the way to anywhere. Besides, the neighborhood has an organic street layout – with a lot of non-right-angle intersections, and streets that turn into different streets as they twist their way around the hills. I wrote the route Google Maps gave me on the back of an envelope. I looked at Google Street View for a few of the trickier intersections. Phillip drove.

From Dravus Street, my instructions said to turn right on 25th Avenue, which becomes Gilman Avenue. We came to 20th Avenue, and it looked like the turn we should be making. My instincts told me to override the instructions and turn. But I trusted the instructions and told Phillip to continue on to 25th.

25th was definitely the wrong street. It looked nothing like the Google Street View. We continued on, hoping something would look familiar, but nothing did. I had Phillip pull over, and I borrowed his smart phone’s map. We were around the corner from Snowie’s new place.

During an emergency mid-party run to QFC for a corkscrew with Dan (?), I saw that 20th was the street we should have turned onto. I must have written it down wrong.

It was a fun, low-key housewarming party, despite the fact that most of us were strangers to each other. (Somehow, I became known as Joel.) Snowie travels in many different circles. What united us all, besides Snowie, was our geeky sense of humor. When Snowie’s new apartment became too warm, and Snowie pointed out that the thermostat was set at 55 degrees, someone suggested that might be Celsius, and we all burst out laughing.

Today was movie day with Kelly and her boyfriend Phillip, in Everett. We brought Serenity with us (Phillip, Phillip, and I had already seen it – Kelly had not).  Kelly’s Phillip made us nachos and Margaritas. It was a fun afternoon, but we had to cut it short. Kelly was recovering from a post-surgery injury, and wasn’t feeling well. It was fun while it lasted.

Despite having been there only twice before (and the first time with Kelly driving), I remembered exactly how to get to Kelly’s place.

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