Being Old-Fashioned

I dropped the DVD of Her in the mailbox on my way to work this morning. Next on our Netflix queue is The Wind Rises – a film we don’t know much about, except that it’s from Studio Ghibli, and that’s a good enough recommendation for us.

The Netflix return envelope won’t fit in our apartment building’s outgoing mail slot, so we have to go outside to an old-fashioned mailbox to drop off the old-fashioned DVDs. That’s almost like going to a video store. I’m glad we opted for DVDs instead of streaming. There’s something approximating a physical activity there. I like it.

After dropping off the DVD, I continued walking past the bus stop, down Olive Way. It was not an impulsive move. I’d left a few minutes early to walk at least partway to work.

I stopped into Broadcast Coffee, on Bellevue Avenue. I’d planned that, too. I’ve been wanting to try that coffee shop, out of curiosity. There were three people in line ahead of me, and only one person behind the counter, working as both barista and cashier. That was OK – I wasn’t pressed for time, and she was doing a great job handling both jobs.

The woman in line ahead of me got her drink and then asked the barista why they’d switched from black lids to white. I thought that was an odd question, and the barista seemed a little confused by it. She said something about getting the lids from their supplier, and they switch styles from time to time. The customer seemed satisfied by that.

I carried my latte over to the bus stop at Pine and Bellevue. My plan was to catch whatever bus came by first – they were all going to Westlake Station at that stop. A 43 arrived at the same time I did. I wondered for a while if it was the same 43 I would have caught normally. But, considering the line at Broadcast Coffee, I doubt it.

I got to work and was immediately greeted with a task that required my best researching skills. After I’d logged in and started work, it took me about ten minutes to find the answer. About two hours’ later, someone apparently unaware that I’d already solved the puzzle, offered me some more information to aid my search. I think I earned some points with upper management.

It was a good day.

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