As I read my own blog, I come to the realization that I’m a “morning person.” There seem to be more posts about the commute to work than ones about getting home. I suppose I already knew that. Maybe I’d just never really thought about it. It’s interesting what a blog can tell the author about them. Or, maybe I’m just imagining that there are more morning posts.

My copy of 10:04, by Ben Lerner, expires in two days, and I’m 80-something percent of the way through it. I couldn’t renew it at the library. The web site didn’t tell me why I couldn’t renew it. Maybe there’s another hold on it, or maybe I was right about not being able to renew digital books. I think it’s the former.

It still don’t know what 10:04 is about – or if it’s about anything. I’m beginning to think that may not be a good thing. My initial enthusiasm for this novel has worn down a bit. I wonder if I’m going to be able to make it through this last 20% before the book expires. I want to know, at least, what the title means. I know it’s a reference to the movie Back to the Future, but that’s about all.

I played some Diablo III tonight. I’ve been so hooked on The Sims 2 lately that I haven’t played Diablo in several weeks. I was a little afraid that, after being away for so long, I was going to have to sit through a long patch install before I got to play. There was no patch, however, and I got into a new level right away.

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