Laundry, Hardware, And Food

The laundromat was busy this morning. There really should be more laundromats in our neighborhood.

I took Peril in Paperback, by Kate Carlisle – the book Brian and Kathi gave me for Christmas – to read while our clothes were washing and drying. This book is very enjoyable. (And, yes, it’s a physical, paper, book!) Kathi and Brian are both readers, and made an excellent choice when they picked this out for me. Thanks, guys.

During our stay at the laundromat, Phillip walked next door to City Market for our traditional laundry drinks – Starbucks energy drink for me, Vitamin Water for him. (City Market and Crystal Clean Laundry occupy the same building, and share the parking lot. I don’t know if they’re owned by the same people, but City Market is available for help when the laundromat is unattended.) Phillip returned with our drinks, plus a couple of surprises: the DVDs of Winter’s Bone and Muppets Most Wanted. (Now there’s an odd double-feature.)

We dropped our clean laundry off at home and immediately got back into the car and Phillip drove us to Hardwick’s Hardware, in the U District. As we pulled into the parking lot, however, the store didn’t look open. As we got out of the car, a guy on foot appeared around the corner. The three of us walked to the front door only to discover that, yes, Hardwick’s is closed on Sundays. The stranger had the same reaction we did: What kind of hardware store closes on Sunday? Don’t people usually do hardware projects on the weekend?

The stranger disappeared, and Phillip and I agreed to go to Lowe’s, in Rainier Valley. But then Phillip decided that our project can wait, and he’ll walk to Hardwick’s during a break at work tomorrow. I agreed to that.

Next, we decided to get some food. Phillip suggested RoRo’s, in Wallingford. I replied that I wasn’t in the mood for barbecue, but I do love RoRo’s. So, we made a compromise: Phillip would drive us up University Way, and we’d see what strikes our mutual fancy. If nothing jumps out at us, we’ll go to RoRo’s.

There are a lot of restaurants on “The Ave”, but nothing jumped out at us. So, Phillip turned back and headed toward Wallingford.

As I watched the passing scenery, I thought about what a fascinating city Seattle is. Its glacial geography makes some interesting street layouts. I wondered: Is there any other city with as many odd-shaped intersections as Seattle? (I once said to Phillip that I could do a whole blog about Seattle’s intersections, using screen shots from Google Maps.)

We drove along 45th Street, through Wallingford, still looking for something to strike our fancies. There were just too many choices, and we couldn’t make up our minds. So, it was RoRo’s after all. Then Phillip remembered Blue Star Cafe & Pub. That’s where we went.

It was our third visit to Blue Star, and the third time having a great meal there.

Phillip had a Bloody Maria (which, we learned, is what you call a Bloody Mary made with tequila instead of vodka) with his omelette, so I drove us home. That’s our standard policy: When one of us drinks (even if it’s just one Bloody Maria), the other one drives.

It’s been a great day.

One thought on “Laundry, Hardware, And Food

  1. “Is there any other city with as many odd-shaped intersections as Seattle?” – This is, of course, a very geocentric thought. London, Paris, Lisbon, and Tokyo immediately come to mind.

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