There Are Options

I started this morning with a survey from car2go. It asked about how often I use car2go, Zipcar, and Pronto. It asked whether my membership in car2go has effected my bus use, train use, amount of walking, and how the number of cars in my household has changed.

It was one of the better surveys I’ve seen. It got very specific about its data. Instead of asking for my neighborhood or ZIP code, it asked for the cross streets nearest my home and the cross streets nearest where I work. I’d never seen that in this type of survey before.

As usually happens with any survey I take, there was one question I had trouble answering. It asked if my amount of walking has changed since joining car2go – including walking to a car2go. I don’t know. How much have I been walking out of my way to get a car? It’s something I hadn’t really thought about. I eventually answered “no”, since I couldn’t remember ever going more than a few blocks out of my way for a car2go.

I ended the survey with the same comment I’ve probably made in every car2go survey: I like car2go, and I wish I could use it more often, but in both my neighborhood and my work neighborhood, car2go is very popular, and it’s difficult to find an available car. (I didn’t add that with my employer-paid ORCA card there is little incentive for me to take car2go to or from work. But, since the survey asked if I have an ORCA card, and who pays for it, someone can probably figure that out.)

I rode the 49 to the U District with Phillip this morning. I rode the 43 to Downtown.

As we approached the Convention Place Station, the 43 driver announced that, because of a Seahawks event, we’d be rerouting around Westlake. I considered my options. The reroute would take me two blocks closer to work, but we were approaching a tunnel station.

I chose to exit at Convention Place Station, even though it’s my least favorite tunnel station. Its multi-platform layout make it difficult for riders like me, just going from one station to another, not caring which bus gets me there. And I missed two southbound buses because I chose the wrong platform. I could have run to the other platform, but I try not to run for buses. A 150 came by soon enough to my platform.

There were no cars2go for the commute home, so I rode the 43 home.

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