The Multi-City Tour

This has been a terrific day.

It started with a drive to Everett for a day of gaming, food, and conversation with Brian and Kathi.

Then Phillip and I said goodbye to Kathi and Brian, and drove to Lynnwood, where my niece, Stevie, and her significant other, Tyler, live. My cousin, Amy, from Birmingham (Alabama), and her husband, Dan, were there, visiting for the weekend.

After an enjoyable hour or so of conversation, the six of us got into two cars and drove to Red Hook Brewery and Pub, in Woodinville, for dinner. My brother, David, and his wife, Marji, from Black Diamond, met us there.

After dinner, Philip and I drove home. Before we got home, however, we paid a surprise, impromptu visit to my parents, in Bothell.

The only down side to this wonderful day is that I had to skip Writers’ Group. Everything happened today, it seemed. It was totally worth it.

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