What A Crazy Job That Turned Out To Be

I intended to write more about the latest gaming session yesterday, but I was tired, and so much had happened that I skipped the details and just posted an overview of the entire day.

When we left Seattle, yesterday, I had forgotten most of what had happened in the previous session. I couldn’t remember much about my character, either. As the gaming began, however, the details came back to me. It wasn’t until we got home at the end of the day that I remembered this post from this very blog. If I’d remembered that, I could have caught up with the story sooner. A blog can be a useful thing.

Neither Digi (the doctor) nor Daniel (the detective) could be there yesterday. So, the cop was on duty, and the doctor (played by Brian, the game master) made a cameo appearance.

I had a fun time. I’m really getting into this game. But, to be honest, I felt a little lost for a bit. While we were hiding out in the hacker’s condo on Queen Anne Hill, and the hacker was trying to discover the sex slave’s past, there didn’t seem to be much for me to do, other than go out to a thrift store, buy clothes for the sex slave with a hacked debit card, and evade some scary guys who looked like FBI agents. I was asked: “Why are you still hanging around?”, and I didn’t know how to answer.

I am still very new to role-play gaming.

I decided to turn my confusion into my character’s paranoia (“Why are you asking me that?”) , and I think that turned out fine for my character, the curmudgeon drifter. At least, I thought so.

I had fun playing my character stoned, after my employer brought me some Jamaican ganja from his herb shop.

My moment of glory – in my own opinion – came when we all had to sneak out of Kells. Reasoning that no one was specifically looking for me, I came up with the idea of creating a distraction by acting like an obnoxious drunk. It worked perfectly. I got thrown out by the bouncer, and I landed in the alley unharmed, while the rest of the gang slipped out in during the commotion.

But then came the question of my job. Yesterday’s session was my second day on the job, but my first day had ended abruptly, and I hadn’t been back. My employer, the doctor, called to ask when I was coming back to work. Given that we were hiding out on Queen Anne Hill, and I’d been having visions that suggested that the doctor might not be the good guy he’d originally appeared to be, I chose to not return his phone call.

Toward the end of the session, things got too “hot” on Queen Anne Hill, so, thanks to the hacker’s network of contacts, the hacker, the sex slave, and the drifter relocated to studio apartments in SoDo. I figured I could ignore my job no longer. I went to Office Max, bought a disposable cell phone, and called the doctor. I told him I wouldn’t be back to work. At first, I tried to be vague, saying only that “something had come up” and I was leaving town. When pressed for detail, I lied and said I was moving to Tuscon, Arizona.

What a crazy job that turned out to be. I lost a good guitar at that herb shop.

I hope I remember this post when the next gaming session comes up.

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