The House At The End Of Time

Phillip and I put The House at the End of Time into the DVD player tonight, not sure of what we were going to be watching. (Phillip had picked the DVD from the “Best Rentals of 2014” shelf at Scarecrow Video.) The before-the-movie previews were of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and similar low-budget, high-gore slasher movies. Believe it or not, there is a side of me that enjoys that genre.

That is not what we got tonight.

La Casa del Fin de los Tiempos is a 2013 film from Venezuela. It is a scary movie, but it has little in common with the previews that came with the DVD.

The movie begins with a woman waking up on the floor, surrounded by bits of broken mirror. She gets up and searches for her family. She finds her husband downstairs, dying, with a knife in his throat. She finds her son standing in a doorway. Before she can reach him, her son is pulled into the darkness and disappears.

The woman is arrested for the murders of her husband and her son. She is sentenced to life in prison. The woman maintains that the house killed her family. Although her fingerprints are on the knife, she swears that she never touched it.

Thirty years later, the court shows mercy on the woman and returns her to the house, under house arrest. A priest stops by to offer his assistance, but also to find out what really happened the day of the murders.

I will say only two more things about this film: I was not expecting the ending, and this is a terrific, well-done movie that I enjoyed very much.

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