Yesterday, Phillip and I drove to Everett for Kathi’s birthday party. We’d planned on stopping by BoboKhan Toys, in Everett, before the party, where Phillip had wanted to buy a set of 10-sided dice (“d10s”) for our gaming sessions. Brian and Kathi have plenty of d10s that they’ve loaned us while we play, but there’s just something satisfying about playing with your own, familiar dice.

We got a late start leaving Seattle, so we skipped BoboKhan yesterday.

After the party, which featured chili and cake, both made by Brian¹, it was just Phillip, Brian, and Kathi, and me. Brian suggested we have another gaming session, and we all agreed.

The hacker (Dot), the former sex slave (Leder, who becomes Lee Wolker), and the former drifter (James Joyce) took a ferry to Port Townsend. During their day trip, Leder/Lee got a haircut to make him harder to recognize, James bought a 200+ year-old sewing machine which is linked to everyone in the past (somehow), and Leder/Lee bought James a George Blackfeather guitar. (These were all bought with embezzled money, thanks to Dot’s hacking skills.) And, of course, we evaded government agents, along the way.

While the gang re-grouped at the lofts in SoDo, James began playing a funeral dirge from the 1500s which somehow opened portals for us all. I (Paul, the game player) earned a game point for my songwriting “abilities”.

(Sung slow and low) “This song / Is a gateway / To a portal / Where we will party / Like it’s fifteen / Ninety-nine”

The hacker, the former sex slave, the former drifter, and the SPD detective, are now settled into their lofts in SoDo, ready to discover the meaning of the visions they’ve been sharing, and the link that binds them all.

This morning, I woke up and went back to bed a total of three times. Maybe I got too much sleep or maybe I didn’t get enough.

This afternoon, Phillip and I walked over to Gamma Ray Games to look for d10s. I decided that I’d like to have a set for myself, too. The woman behind the counter replied, “What are ‘dee tens’? I don’t know what that is.” (To be fair to her, she explained that it as her first day on the job.) When Phillip explained that it’s ten-sided gaming dice, she pulled out a box of assorted loose dice. Phillip couldn’t find ten matching d10s, so we moved on.

We had lunch at Honey Hole, and then walked to Phoenix Comics & Games. They had one set of d10s, in red, and Phillip bought them. (Red in not my color.)

After we got home, I bought a set of jade-colored d10s from Amazon. I would have preferred to buy them from a local shop, like BoboKhan, Gamma Ray, or Phoenix, but now we’re set for the next round of gaming.

¹Brian is an excellent chef.


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