Oh, Well

It’s the end of the month, which means a week of overtime for me.

I stepped out of our apartment building and realized I’d forgotten my hat. Oh, well, I didn’t need it this morning, and I probably wouldn’t need it for the rest of the day.

I got to the bus stop and realized I’d forgotten my book. (Peril in Paperback. I want to find out who did it!) Oh, well, I had my eReader with me. I wouldn’t be without anything to read.

I’m planned on starting work a half-hour early this morning, and then staying a half-hour late this evening. I got to my desk a few minutes before an hour before my start time. Although I usually allow myself some time to settle in before I start work, I went ahead and logged in earlier than early this morning.

Chipotle had a one-day-only special today: Order anything with Sofritas, and then get a free burrito or bowl on your next visit. Phillip emailed me this morning and told me he wouldn’t be able to get to the Chipotle in the U District for lunch. I replied that I didn’t think I’d be able to get to the Chipotle in Downtown, and back, during my lunch break. Oh well, I thought, we’d miss getting a free burrito – it won’t be too much of a tragedy.

But then Phillip had another idea: If I call him when I’m on the bus, he’d get in the car, and we could meet each other at the Chipotle at First Hill and get our Sofritas for dinner to go.

I walked over the library after work and got to the bus stop just as a 2 bus arrived. I took a seat and called Phillip. I got to Chipotle before he did. There was a long line, but it moved quickly.

Chipotle had run out of Sofritas before we got there, but they were still honoring the special. Apparently, the guy in line behind Phillip heard the first part, and stormed out, angry, before hearing the second part. Too bad for him.

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