Mixed Feelings

The bill for 520 bridge toll arrived in the mail today. It was $4.05 each way, for a total of $8.10. I thought to myself, “Well, that’s not too bad.” (Of course, I can say that. Phillip’s paying it.)

I was a little surprised that there was no service fee listed. I thought to myself: “I guess Phillip and I were both wrong about that.”

A little later, it struck me what that sentence at the top of the statement – “A Good To Go account could have saved you $3.30” – really meant. There was a service charge, after all. It was a service charge of $1.65 on the toll, not on the paper bill. Paying online could have saved money, after all – but only because we would have had to set up an account before Phillip crossed the bridge.

The point of the toll was so there wouldn’t be a tax, so that only people who use the bridge would pay for it. But, I’ve just learned, people who use the bridge once pay more to cross it than people who use it every day. And that stinks.

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