Goodbye U

I left our apartment and boarded a 43 bus to Westlake this morning, and then transferred to Link to Pioneer Square Station. Today is Friday. Yesterday, while meeting with my boss about fine-tuning this new digital process, I mentioned that, as much as I enjoy Fridays in the U District, it just doesn’t seem worth my time anymore. My boss agreed.

Last Friday was my last Friday in the U District. No more riding in with Phillip, no more doughnuts at QFC. It’s my own fault.

Then my boss took it further. She sent out a group email outlining our meeting. She also wrote that I will no longer be covering in the U District – at all – and that I will no longer be covering on First Hill, either. I didn’t see that coming, but I don’t disagree.

Last Wednesday was my last weekday plate of biscuits & gravy for a while. (At least until I find a place Downtown that serves them.)

Yesterday, I decided to see how many audio chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird I could find on YouTube. I started with Chapter 1 (learning that it was read by actress Cissy Spacek) and continued on through Chapter 12 (repeating a chapter or two that I’d listened to on Wednesday). My earlier assumption seemed have been wrong. The entire novel seems to be out there on the internet, and, furthermore, that I had chosen only one of several audio versions available on YouTube. (How is this even legal?)

I have coworkers who listen to podcasts as they work, but somehow I had never thought of listening to anything except music at my desk.

Today, I listened to Chapters 13 through 28. I had just two more chapters to go, but it was time to end my day and go home. I know how the book ends, of course.

I’d never had much success with audio books before. There have been too many distractions for me to follow the plot. This week, I learned that hearing the adventures of Jem and Scout while I concentrate on my work is a combination that works well.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye U

  1. I can’t listen to audiobooks. A weird pet peeve of mine, is having someone read “out loud.” I can’t stand it, and have no idea why it absolutely drives me up a wall. Is that weird, or what?

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