Late Night, Early Writing

Phillip and I went to another great burlesque show at Re-Bar last night. The show was called “Wheel of Tease”. An audience member was called on stage to spin a double-wheel. The first spin named a song to be preformed, live, by electro-swing band Good Co. The second spin named a prop. Then a performer would do an improvised burlesque routine to the song, using the prop.

It was the second time we’d seen the “Wheel of Tease” show, but since it’s all improvised, it’s always something different. Last night, they added a new twist: One of the members of Good Co was also a prop. (They had to cheat a little to get the second spin on the last routine to finally land on the band member.)

After the show, Phillip and I had dinner at Lunchbox Laboratory. It was a fun night.

I got up around eight this morning and immediately began writing a piece for tomorrow’s Writers’ Group. It’s a fiction piece. I’ve been enjoying reading Machine of Death so much that I wrote a story based on that concept. I had the piece worked out in my mind, mostly, and it’s a short piece, so it didn’t take me long to write it this morning. I am pleased with it.

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