That Went Alright

So, it turned out that no one was able to make it to last month’s Writers’ Group. (No one except Barbara and Don, that is. Of course they were there. It’s their house.) I actually didn’t miss anything.

I think my attempt at Machine of Death fiction went over well. Phillip said he liked it. I, of course, had my self-doubts. But the Group appeared to love it. I’m beginning to think I can write fiction.

There was a lot of talk about Harper Lee’s new novel today. We’re all To Kill a Mockingbird fans in the Group, and we all seemed excited by the news.

This evening, Phillip and I watched The Maze Runner for the second time. It’s not a perfect movie (how did Gally get there, anyway?) but we both enjoyed it very much. We watched it a second time, since there were so many nuances to pick up in the story. Phillip has put the book on hold at the library, since neither of us have read it.

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