Too Tired For Words

I stared at the “Add New Post” page on WordPress last night, but I was too tired to write anything.

I caught up with Facebook when we got home last night, watched Death Race 2000 (a terrible movie, as I knew it would be, but I figured I should see it at least once in my life), watched the laptop do a 14-part update, and went to bed.

Yesterday, at lunch, I walked over to the Central Library and picked up my hold on Death Race 2000 (the first time I’d had a hold delivered to the Central Library – but the Capitol Hill library had been closed for renovations) and still had time to buy a hamburger on my way back to my desk. It was a successful experiment – I learned that I have a viable option in libraries when I need it.

My office is going through a layout change, and I moved to a new desk yesterday. This is the sixth desk I’ve had since I started in 2012. I still have the same job title, however.

I’m trying to keep an open mind about my new desk, but, so far, I don’t like it. It’s probably the worst of my six desks. The location is crummy. (I’m writing this at lunch, and a few minutes ago I was listening to The Catcher in the Rye and I suddenly feel like I should write like J.D. Salinger.) It’s at the intersection where two aisles meet the main aisle. There is a lot of traffic on three sides of me, and a lot of hallway meetings take place right next to me. Plus, I’m farther away from any window than I’ve been since we moved Downtown.

I told my boss today that I don’t like my new desk, but I’ll make it work. She hinted, vaguely, at the possibility of a seventh desk in the future.

So, anyway, the reason I said “…when we got home…” earlier (there goes Salinger again) is that Phillip went to his annual Combined Fund Drive awards ceremony last night, and, of course, I went as his guest. This year, it was at Tyee Yacht Club, at the northeast end of Lake Union, near the University Bridge. For me, it was a convenient ride on the 70 bus from Downtown.

(I’m home now. Maybe I won’t write like Salinger for the rest of the post.)

It was almost too convenient, actually. I got there an hour early, as I knew I would be. (But I wouldn’t have been able to go home first and make it there in time.) So, I took a walk along Fairview Avenue. It’s an interesting part of the city – very industrial, in a small-scale sort of way (think boatyards rather than shipyards) – and one I rarely visit. It was a pleasant evening for an exploratory walk.

I stopped into a small park, named either Good Turn Park or East Martin Street West End. I had a feeling that we had hunted a geocache there, back in our caching days, but I’d forgotten to check on the web site before I left work.

(I checked on today and learned that we had Found a cache there, back in 2006, when we had less than 500 Finds. I was rather amazed to learn that it was still there. I wish I’d known that yesterday. It would have been interesting to revisit it.)

I continued on, past the yacht club. I saw our car parked in front. I went into North Passage Point Park. I knew we’d found a geocache there – we’d also found a cache in the park on the opposite side of the passage – but I had no memory of where it is, or was. While I was wondering why there were so many empty shoes on a nearby dock, my cell phone rang. It was Phillip calling.

“Turn around,” he said. I turned around, but I didn’t see him behind me. Eventually, I figured out that he had seen me walk past the yacht club, and thought I was lost. No, I told him, I’m just enjoying the park for a while. He told me to come over when I get too cold.

It was a fun, pirate-themed event at a great venue. When I told someone that my husband was the guy at the door handing out name tags and programs, she replied, “Oh, the guy dressed as a pirate?” I was about to correct her when I realized that he always dresses sort of like a pirate.

Today was a good day, full of meetings – one of which I ran – and good bus connections. I’ll get used to my new desk, eventually.

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