A Two-Computer Household Again

Phillip got up a few minutes before ten this morning. I’d been up a couple of hours. We called Re*PC to make sure they were open on President’s Day, we got dressed, and drove to SoDo.

We recycled the old, 19-inch, monitor and found a 20-inch monitor for $80, plus tax. (We love Re*PC.) We put the “new” monitor in the car trunk and drove to Sears, so I could buy some socks.

The big Sears in SoDo is closed – permanently. We may have read that, somewhere, we agreed, but had forgotten it.

We had an early lunch at Arby’s. Then we drove home, being careful to avoid potholes and bumps, since the monitor in the trunk had no padding.

Along the way, Phillip gave me another question to research: “Why are so many of Seattle’s hospitals concentrated on First Hill?”

(My early research on Wikipedia and HistoryLink suggests that First Hill was Seattle’s first neighborhood outside of the Elliott Bay area, and when it was established, Seattle was a rather prosperous city, so a lot of facilities – like hospitals – that the city had needed were built there.)

We got home and hooked up the new monitor. As we’d confirmed earlier, the problem had been with the monitor, not the computer. By 12:00, we were back to being a two-computer household again. That was eighty bucks we hadn’t planned on spending, but it could have been a lot worse.

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