Blue Skies

For over a week now, I’ve been wearing a rain jacket and not needing it. We’ve been seeing blue skies here in Seattle. The thing is, we’ve had temperatures in the 60s – too warm with a winter coat, and too chilly without a winter coat. So, I’ve been wearing my rain jacket. I could wear a sweater, but I like the extra pockets of a jacket.

This morning, before I left for work, Northwest Cable News predicted another mild day, overcast in the afternoon, but no rain. As I prepared to leave for work, I went to the closet to get my rain jacket, as usual. Then, suddenly, I remembered that I had another option. I wore a sport coat to work today. I rarely wear sport coats.

The sky turned gray early this afternoon. It looked like it would start raining at any moment. I was a little concerned about my commute home. My sport coat would offer no rain protection at all. I hadn’t even worn a hat. I light drizzle wouldn’t be so bad, but rain would make an uncomfortable commute. A car2go nearby would be welcomed, but the chance of that happening would be slim – especially if it rained. I was looking out the window a lot.

But Northwest Cable News was right. It was a nice, overcast commute home – and no rain.

I got onto a Sigur Rós kick this afternoon. Sigur Rós is a band that I have to be in the right mood to enjoy. There are times, honestly, that I just can’t get into their minimal, ethereal music. Apparently, I was very much in the mood for it this afternoon. I don’t even know what made me think of them. I had my iPod cranked up this morning, skipping ahead to the loudest, fastest songs. (There is no Sigur Rós on my iPod.) Then, it was an afternoon of Sigur Rós on YouTube – with constant glances over my shoulder, to look for signs of rain.

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