Bike Dream

I dreamed this morning that I’d rented a Pronto! bike to go visit a museum. The dream actually started when I’d left the museum, and I was ready to ride the bike home. I’d ridden the bike there, and had parked it outside the museum. Then I remembered that I was supposed to rent Pronto! bikes for only thirty minutes at a time. I was facing some overdue charges.

This dream took place in a fictional version of Seattle. It seems to me (now) that the museum was in fictional Ballard, and I needed to get back to fictional Downtown, which seemed to be at least ten miles away.

I have no idea how real Pronto! bicycles ride, but I loved the way the dream bike rode. The gears shifted with a sight flick of a lever on the handlebars. It was fun to ride, easy to use, even when I was panicking about getting back home before the rental fee skyrocketed.

At one point in my ride home, I came to a crowded public fishing pier – by accident. At another time, I rode along a wide, curving bike path along a large body of water – I could see the skyscrapers of Downtown off in the distance. (Now that I’m remembering this, the path and the body of water looked a lot like Capitol Lake, in Olympia.) I came to a long, one-lane, pitch-black pedestrian tunnel. I rode through as fast as I could, hoping that anyone in my path would see the bike’s headlight and move out of the way. (The bike’s headlight did nothing to illuminate the darkness. I’m guessing that real Pronto! bikes have better headlights.) I rode through a shopping district with narrow, winding streets and narrow, winding sidewalks, and had to negotiate around huge crates of cat food that someone was loading into a store.

Somewhere along my journey, I decided that I should find a bike station as soon as I could and find another way home, but I had no idea where the nearest station was.

This may have been the same dream, or it may have been a different one, but I found myself in the basement of a medical center I didn’t recognize. There were signs pointing to two ways out of the building. Someone saw me looking at the signs, and offered the advice that, if I had an access badge, that way was quicker. I had an access badge, so I took that way. I got outside and discovered that I was at a fictional version of Seattle Children’s Medical Center. (I’ve never been to Seattle Children’s.) I retrieved my Pronto! bicycle, which I’d left leaning against a bush, unlocked. Even in the dream, I knew that was a foolish thing to do. I needed to get to the other side of a very wide street, but couldn’t find anyway to do so. I started riding along the street, hoping to find an intersection, and passed under a pedestrian bridge I hadn’t noticed until it was too late.

That last part now feels like it was a separate dream – which would mean that I had two dreams about Pronto! bikes, which is weird.

In the dream (or dreams), I never made it to Downtown.

I don’t like being sick, but being sick does give me the most interesting dreams.

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