Film Theory Day

I ended up working three hours’ of overtime this week. It’s not so bad when I break it up in thirty-minute chunks – starting work a half-hour early and staying a half-hour late. It’s not so bad, except for having to rush out the door in the morning.

I took a break from music today and listened to an hour-long YouTube video on the theory that Stanley Kubrick felt guilty about helping to fake the Apollo 11 moon landing, so he planted clues in The Shining. I don’t believe the theory, but I’m fascinated by it. As conspiracy theories go, this is one of the better ones. I find it entertaining.

After that video, I cleared my palate with a video, which I’d seen before,  about how the layout of the Overlook Hotel (in The Shining) doesn’t make any sense – and that Kubrick, a stickler for detail in all his films, did that on purpose to disorient his audience. Now, that’s a theory I believe. Stanley Kubrick was a genius.

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