Movie Mystery

Last night, Phillip and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. We’d put it on our Netflix queue because there’s a new movie in the series coming out, and we couldn’t remember which Pirates of the Caribbean movies we’d seen, and which ones we hadn’t. The description for On Stranger Tides didn’t sound familiar.

So, the movie started, and we agreed that we’d hadn’t seen it. Then there was the scene where Jack is chained to a chair in the palace and he’s trying to get to the table of food – and I felt like I’d seen it before. (Maybe I’d seen a preview?) I didn’t say anything, though.

Then there was a chase through London, and Phillip remarked that it looked familiar, and I agreed. We also agreed to keep watching the movie. (We’d don’t mind seeing movies multiple times.)

A few scenes later, it didn’t look familiar at all. Phillip wondered aloud: Had we started watching it before, and didn’t finish? Then the movie looked familiar again.

On Stranger Tides continued like that throughout the movie for us, moving in and out of familiarity. The scenes that looked familiar, looked familiar to both of us. The scenes we were sure we hadn’t seen, we agreed we hadn’t seen.

Phillip had another theory: Had we seen it at a party, with other things to distract us?

I did something I rarely do while we’re watching a DVD: I booted up the laptop. I went to this blog, and did a few searches. I couldn’t find any posts about us watching the movie.

The ending came as a surprise to both of us.

Was this our first or second viewing? It’s a movie mystery.

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