High Beams

Phillip and I drove up to Arlington today, for a visit with Pamela. Phillip helped Pamela organize some paperwork, while I watched Showgirls and Phenomenon on DVD, with Ladybug and Mop sleeping on me.

Showgirls was as terrible as I’d heard it would be.

Pamela gave me a half-hour massage (Phillip’s treat).

After my massage, the three of us drove over to The Cedar Stump for their Sunday night prime rib dinner ($14.99 for two!). Phillip drove us there, back to Pamela’s house, and then home, because I was too relaxed from the massage.

On the drive from The Cedar Stump back to Pamela’s house, on those unlit country roads, we experienced one of those “city versus country” moments: Phillip couldn’t remember how to turn the car’s high beams on.

It’s been a great day.

Whatever illness I’ve had is lingering on. I don’t feel sick, however – just fatigued. I’ve been to two social functions this weekend, and have had a difficult time socializing and each. I’ve been introspective without thinking about anything in particular. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy myself. It’s just that I’ve found it difficult to communicate.

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