Watching Mice

During yesterday’s massage, Pamela asked me if I’m left- or right-handed. I’m left-handed. She asked if I use a computer mouse with my left or right hand. At work, the mouse is in my right hand. At home, it’s in my left hand. She asked if I carry a bag on my left or right shoulder. I carry it on my right shoulder. These questions were about an imbalance in my shoulders.

Pamela seemed fascinated my ambidextrous mouse use and a day later, so am I. The mouse on my computer at work was set up on the right. Why had I never noticed that before? Why have I never thought to move it? Why had I forgotten that the mouse on our desktop, used primary by Phillip, who is also left-handed, is on the right? Why don’t I move it when I’m using it?

I guess the real question is: Why do I move the laptop’s wireless mouse with my left hand?

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