Surprise: More Cars

I heard on Northwest Cable News this morning that, starting this morning, car2go has added 250 more cars to its Seattle coverage, and has expanded their area slightly. (Still no available cars2go in our neighborhood this morning, however.) It’s odd that I hadn’t heard anything about this until then. I follow car2go on Facebook, and I try to keep up on transit issues in my city. The only other place I was able to confirm this news was Seattle Transit Blog.

NWCN also said that the Seattle City Council is looking into permitting other car share companies in the city. I’m rather excited about this.

Later on this morning, car2go made an official announcement on Facebook. Later, there was a message in my email. I guess car2go loves surprises.

Car2go’s “home area” now covers the entirety of Seattle’s city limits (with a few exceptions, like the UW campus and some of our larger parks). There are now 750 cars2go around the city. Plus, we can now park a car2go in a 1-hour limit parking spot. (Yesterday, it had to be a spot allowing at least 2 hours.)

Yesterday, on my way home, Phillip called me. He’d bused home from work and realized that he’d left his apartment keys at work. Could I please meet him at the library? Of course, but there was only one minor problem: I wasn’t going directly home. I had to stop by my storage unit and pay rent, so it would take me a bit longer to get to him.

As Phillip and I left the library, we saw a car2go parked outside. It occurred to us both that, instead of waiting at the library (which isn’t a bad thing), Phillip could have used his smart phone, or one of the library computers, to look for a car2go and, if there was one nearby, used it to get to his office and back. It’s funny that neither one of us thought of that.

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