Burgers And A Bunny

Phillip and I had plans today to start a new role-playing game with Colin and Sam. Those plans, however, fell through.

We lazed around the apartment. Then we caught a 49 bus to Pike/Pike and had lunch at Sam’s Tavern. Sam’s is doing a “Buy a burger, we donate a burger” event this month. For every burger we buy, they donate a meal to PSKS – Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Street.

Sam’s has an amazing Bloody Mary. Among its wide variety of garnishes is a complete, mini hamburger! Although I’m not usually a fan of Bloody Marys, I had one today, just for the experience. Phillip and vodka do not get along, so he had a Bloody Maria (made with tequila) – his had the same garnishes, including the mini hamburger.

With our drinks, we both ordered chili cheese burgers. It was too much. We got boxes to go.

While we were boxing up our leftovers, Phillip looked outside and saw a small, brown rabbit next to a parked car. This is an urban neighborhood – not the place you’d see a wild rabbit. It had to be someone’s runaway pet. We had to do something, but we didn’t know what to do.

While I was taking care of the bill, Phillip went outside with a stalk of celery. While he was trying to coax the bunny out from under the car, he called the Seattle Police Department. SPD told him there was nothing they could do. (Didn’t they even know the number of an animal rescue shelter, I wondered.)

When I got outside, the bunny was nowhere to be seen. We didn’t know if it was still under the car or not. There was nothing we could do but leave the celery near the curb and walk home.

That poor, scared rabbit ruined our moods. It was depressing. Was someone missing a pet? Was the rabbit too domesticated to know how to avoid getting hit by a car?

On our way home, we gave our leftovers to a homeless couple.

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