Music And Science Fiction

Phillip and I rode an 8 bus to KOMO Plaza, across from The Space Needle, for a visit to the Experience Music Project (officially, I learned today, it’s now The EMP Museum) with Brian, Kathi, and Ben. Before going to the museum, we all met at Zeek’s, for pizza.

According to the t-shirt I bought today, EMP was established in 2000. Neither Phillip nor I had been to the museum until today. (For one thing, admission used to be a lot more expensive.) Brian and Kathi had been before. Ben thought he had – but it turned out he was confusing it with the Pacific Science Center.

We all started with the magic & fantasy exhibit. Then we visited the horror movie gallery.

We discovered that the science fiction exhibit, which is what we’d all come to see, was closed for renovation.

There was a Star Wars costume exhibit, but I wasn’t interested enough to pay the additional admission fee. Everyone else wanted to see it. On the other hand, no one else was interested in the music exhibits, which is what I’d come to see, except me. So we split up.

I viewed the Nirvana and the Jimi Hendrix exhibits, and the history of music videos exhibit. I walked through the sound studio, but didn’t try out any of the musical instruments.

I found it odd that there was no “history of Seattle’s music scene” exhibit. Then I remembered that the Museum of History and Industry has that covered.

As I viewed the guitars and costumes on display, I was constantly looking at the EMP building itself. The EMP building, designed by Frank Gehry, is one of those building that people either love or hate – there is very little neutral ground. I love the building’s unconventional shape and colors. I wasn’t sure, until today, how well that weird exterior would translate to the interior space. It translates very well. There is a vast openness to some parts of the museum, and cozy exhibit spaces to others. I was never quite sure what was around the next corner, and I liked that.

I was a good visit to a museum with good friends.

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