Fun Times

Last night, Phillip and I went to Jen’s house in West Seattle for a board game party. We’d met Jen and Phil at Snowie’s housewarming party last January, and became friends once we learned they will soon have sugar gliders moving in with them.

Last night, the house was packed with housemates, friends of housemates, boyfriends and girlfriends of housemates, family members of girlfriends of friends of housemates, and coworkers of housemates. In other words everybody knew everybody else, and Phillip and I knew no one except Jen and Phil (and we barely knew them). And yet, we had a great time.

A board game party is a great idea. People can mingle without actually having to mingle. People who don’t know anyone can fit right in.

This board game party is a semi-monthly thing. I hope we get invited back.

Today, Phillip and I drove to Everett. We picked up Brian (Kathi was at work), and then the three of us drove over to Judi’s new place. Judi is not great at giving directions, but with Brian’s extensive knowledge of Everett, we found her. The purpose of the trip was to take Judi out to lunch for her birthday.

The four of us tried to decide where to go for lunch. Judi was open to anything. I requested someplace downtown, because I don’t get to see Downtown Everett very often. Brian suggested Vintage Cafe, in Downtown Everett, we all agreed, and it turned out to be an excellent choice.

I had biscuits and gravy, with sausage and scrambled eggs, and locally roasted coffee. It was all delicious.

After lunch, we dropped Judi back home, and then Brian and Phillip and I went to Bobakhan Toys, in Everett’s Historic District. Phillip wanted to buy some gaming dice. Bobakhan had moved – yesterday, actually – to Everett Mall Way. So, we drove to Everett Mall Way.

Phillip taught me something about Facebook today. Even though you “Like” a company – for instance, Bobakahn Toys – you still have to “turn on notifications” if you want to see their posts – for instance, posts that they’re moving to a new location. (Facebook is weird.)

We had some trouble finding Bobakhan’s new location, because they hadn’t put up their sign yet. In fact, they hadn’t completely moved in yet. One of the things they hadn’t moved from the old location was gaming dice. We were welcomed to browse among the boxes and half-finished shelves. We did just that. It’s a fun store, even when half the merchandise is still in boxes.

After we left Bobakhan, Brian offered to buy me some gelato at the shop next door. I took him up on his offer, even though I was still full from lunch. I had a scoop of chocolate-orange. Phillip said that Brian and I were both crazy for stuffing ourselves. He added that I was especially crazy for mixing chocolate and orange.

Brian knew of another gaming store in Everett, named MuGu Games. So, we went there. MuGu had an entire wall of gaming dice. Phillip had a tough time picking the color he wanted. He found a set of purple/green dice with gold numbers that he liked (Phillip called them “very Mardi Gras”), but they were all d6s. He wanted a set of mixed dice. Eventually, he found a set of mixed dice that he liked almost a much.

Then Brian had a brilliant idea. He asked the guy behind the counter if that had a set of mixed dice in the back that were the same color as the d6s. Actually, they did, and Phillip got exactly the dice he wanted.

Brian is a handy guy to know.

It’s been a fun night and a fun day.

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