The Cola War

Some time ago, Phillip and I ordered pasta delivery from Amante. I decided I was in the mood for a Coke to go with my pasta. The guy on the phone told Phillip that they don’t have Coke – only Pepsi. I don’t drink a lot of soft drinks – at least, I try not to – and while I prefer Coca-Cola, I don’t dislike Pepsi. So, I asked for a can of Pepsi with my order.

Phillip loves Diet Coke and hates Pepsi.

When the pasta arrived, I asked Phillip if he wanted “his” Pepsi in a glass, or in the can. He answered: “In the toilet, where it belongs.”

And thus began the cola war.

When I was finished with my Pepsi, instead of putting the can in the recycle bin, I left it in front of the bathroom mirror. Phillip didn’t say anything whenever he found it, but I later found the can on top of the toilet lid (“where it belongs” – I got it).

I moved the Pepsi can from the toilet lid to the inside of the bathroom cabinet. Later, I noticed it was gone. I assumed it was finally in the recycle bin.

Some time later, at work, I had a cup of iced tea with a hamburger I’d ordered for lunch. The tea came in a Pepsi cup. I took a photo of the cup with my cell phone, and sent it to Phillip’s phone. Phillip replied: “Yuk”.

When we came home from Everett yesterday, I noticed the Pepsi can inside one of my boots – the boots I rarely wear because that Squeak is so annoying. When Phillip wasn’t looking, I moved the Pepsi can to his sock drawer.

When we got home from the laundromat today, Phillip found the Pepsi can. He handed me the can, and I put it in the recycle bin. It may still be there.

Is the cola war finally over?

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