Monday And Tuesday

I used to say that the only time I put ketchup on french fries is when I don’t like the french fries. On Sunday, at Twisted Pasty, I amended that statement to include “…or when the ketchup is especially good.” Man, that was delicious ketchup.

Monday evening, I couldn’t think of anything to write for a blog post, despite the fact that the 43 I caught into Downtown passed two stops (nobody was waiting there) and, as a result, we got to Westlake Station a little early, and I caught the Link train I usually just miss, and I ended up getting to work very early, and despite the fact that I had an enjoyable lunch with Elena and Jaime, and the three of us agreed that 30 minutes is not enough time for lunch.

Phillip and I watched two more episodes of Farscape Monday night. I went to bed right after the second episode, wrapped myself in two blankets, and slept soundly until the alarm woke me up Tuesday morning.

Tuesday evening, I felt like I should take a nap before writing a blog post. I put the laptop in sleep mode, went to bed, and wrapped myself in two blankets. Phillip let me sleep until whenever I woke up. I woke up at midnight, got up, got a drink of water, and went back to bed. Except for the drink of water, I slept soundly for 12 hours.

I considered calling in sick today and staying home after this morning’s dental cleaning. But I went to work.

I had a good dental appointment this morning. I really did.

Last week, there was a Facebook announcement about the anniversary of the TV show Farscape. I hadn’t seen many episodes, but I remembered liking those I had seen. I checked in the Seattle Public Library catalog to see if they had DVDs to loan. I discovered that the library has entire seasons available for streaming on Hoopla. We made a note to start watching it. I mentioned this to Brian on Saturday. Of course, he has the entire four seasons on DVD in his extensive library, and, of course, he insisted on lending them to us.

Brian is a handy guy to have around.

Phillip and I have been watching Farscape from the beginning, at a rate of two episodes per night. Phillip hadn’t seen many episodes, either.

Farscape was an American/Australian science fiction show, produced by Jim Henson Productions. It ran from 1999 to 2003. It’s a very good show that I don’t think gets enough attention. It had, perhaps, not the most original concept: An American astronaut/scientist gets sucked through a wormhole and finds himself among a multi-species group of outlaws who are pursued through the universe by a rough lawman. What set the series apart is the character development and dialog – and that two of the main characters were played by puppets, and also that one of the main characters is the outlaws’ living spaceship.

Meanwhile, I’ve been rediscovering the TV show Police Squad!. I watched the show when it was on the air in 1982. It was cancelled after only six episodes, and was remade into the Naked Gun movies. I still find Police Squad! hilarious (“I’m sorry. We would have come sooner, but your husband wasn’t dead then.”).

Now that I’ve watched all six episodes again, and I’ve done some research, I’ve learned a couple of things I didn’t notice the first time. In every episode, there’s a scene where Frank Drebin does a terrible parking job and crashes into some garbage cans on the curb – and the number of garbage cans matches the number of the episode. (In the first episode, it’s one garbage can, in the second episode, it’s two garbage cans, and so on.) And every episode ends with either Frank Drebin or Ed Hocken mentioning that the person they’ve arrested is going to Statesville Prison. In the first episode, it’s: Sally Decker is going to Statesville Prison. And in every following episode, it’s: They’re going to Statesville Prison, along with… and then they name every arrested person from the previous episodes, in reverse order, and Sally Decker.

It would have been fun to see both of those gags carried on beyond six episodes.

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