Lunch With A Book

I spent lunch away from my desk, away from Facebook, and away from coworkers. It was just me, a bowl of Happy Buddha from Juicy Cafe, and a book: Sarah’s Key. I should do that more often.

I’m plowing through Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay. I’m 23% of the way through. I’m not reading it as fast as I read Paper Towns, but that’s because this is a much heavier book – subject-wise. The ePages get turned slower during the roundup in 1942, and speed up in 2002.

I’m still enjoying it.

2 thoughts on “Lunch With A Book

    • One of the benefits(?) of an eReader. It also tells me how much time I’ve spent reading a book, how long it’ll take me to finish the current chapter, and other fascinating(?) data.

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