More Magic

We had a day of role-playing in Everett today, with Phillip, me, Brian, Daniel – and Sam and Colin. Kathi wasn’t feeling well, and had to skip the session, but it was great to have two more players in the game.

Not a lot happened in the game itself today. I got to roll my dice only once. Most of the time was spent helping Colin and Sam set up their characters, and then getting them up to speed on the story. And that’s OK.

My character, the former drifter, started his new job as an Underground Seattle tour guide. The former sex slave and the hacker went on a school field trip to the Underground Seattle tour. The cop went to Pioneer Square to investigate a complaint from a homeless person. After the tour, the former sex slave and the hacker went to a book store and met a rare books dealer (Colin’s new character), and an accountant with a criminal past (Sam’s new character). Then we all traveled back in time to the American Wild West (where my character was a male schoolmarm, Phillip’s character was a deaf Ranger, Daniel’s character was still a lawman, Colin’s character was a prospector, and Sam’s character was his Native American guide). Then was traveled back in time to the Viking empire (where I was Saxon slave girl sold to Daniel’s character).

That may seem like a lot of story, but compared to our regular sessions, it wasn’t much development at all.

As the session closed today, the former drifter, the former sex slave, the hacker, the cop, the rare books dealer, and the accountant met up at a fondue bar to begin their journey together.

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