Getting Ready

We’re starting our preparations for NorWesCon. I’m going on my first vacation in a very long time.

I’m rather proud of myself for keeping my pre-registration form in a safe place for a  year, and remembering where it is. Of course, I really didn’t need it, since NorWesCon emailed the same form to me a few days ago.

NorWesCon used to be a day trip for me. I’d ride Link Light Rail down on a Saturday, meet up with Phillip between his volunteer duties, and then I’d have to get back home in time to feed the sugar gliders. Then, last year, with no sugar gliders at home, I rode Link after work on Friday and spent two nights at the convention.

This year, I’m riding there with Phillip and enjoying the convention from beginning to end. I’ll miss the light rail ride, but this will be more fun.

I went to the storage place after work today and paid the rent. I walked through the park, stopped at the credit union to activate the new debit card they’d sent me, and returned Lolita to the library.

My credit union mailed me a new debit card last weekend. Instead of an 800 number to call to activate it, the instructions said to use it in an ATM and activate it with my PIN. I thought that new method was rather efficient. I remembered that’s how it was when I got the debit card this new one is replacing,

I’d been waiting for a good opportunity to get over to the credit union to activate the new card. There was no rush – the present card was still active – no need to make a special trip. My credit union has a branch Downtown, but it’s out of my way. The one in our neighborhood is more convenient. But I wanted to get it done before NorWesCon. Today was the perfect opportunity.

As I waited in line for the ATM, I looked again at the instructions on the sticker I hadn’t yet removed: “activate with your PIN at any ATM or point of purchase.” Oh. I didn’t have to make a trip to my credit union after all. Oh, well. That really is efficient.

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