Dinner, Drinks, And A Movie

We had dinner with George R.R. Martin last night. Not really. He wasn’t at our table, and we didn’t talk to him. But he was in the same room with us last night.

It was a delicious banquet last night. Phillip and I shared our table with Todd and Laurie, and Sarah and Johnny. We could see George R.R. Martin a couple of tables away – when he wasn’t surrounded by adoring fans.

After the banquet, Todd, Laurie, Phillip, and I went next door and watched NorWesCon’s 38th opening ceremony.

Todd suggested that I read the first book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, since I’d never read anything by him.

After the ceremony, Phillip and I went to a private rum-tasting party. I had a feeling I should get some sleep before the midnight movie, so I left the party early, went back to our hotel room, set the alarm for 11:30 p.m., and fell asleep.

The midnight movie was hosted by Phillip. It was Young Frankenstein. I stayed awake the whole time.

I still wasn’t feeling great, but my earlier grumpiness was gone. I had a good time last night.

I had many confusing dreams last night. I may have woken up a few times – I’m not sure. The alarm woke us up at 9:30. I got up and took a shower.

While Phillip was getting ready for his day of NorWesCon duties, I decided to get a little more sleep.

Phillip woke me up when he returned to the hotel room around 2:00. He said I had a fever. He arranged to have the NorWesCon staff deliver a sack lunch to our room. I ate most of it.

It’s almost 3:30. I’ve been in the hotel room all day. I’m feeling restless, which may be a good sign.

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