Home From The Con

Yes, we made it home from the convention. There was a lot more I wish I had done, but that’s only because I was sick for most of it. I had a good time, overall.

The only thing I did today, convention-wise, was attend the Charity Auction. It was a two-hour event.

All of the items on auction were donated, and the proceeds went to Northwest Harvest. (NorWesCon is, at its heart, a charity organization. It’s one of the charities you can choose at Amazon Smile, by the way.)

Phillip, as the Charitable Events Co-Lead, played a big part in putting the auction together. I suspect that’s the main reason he was up all night last night.

I attended the auction with Todd. I should probably mention that Todd works for Northwest Harvest. That’s how he and Phillip became friends.

I bid on a few items, including a board game called Planet Steam, and won bids on two items: more caffeinated marshmallows (orange flavored this time), and a bag of trinkets from Northwest Harvest (a t-shirt, pens, mugs, etc.).

After I won the bid on that Northwest Harvest bag, Todd whispered to me: “I could have hooked you up with that stuff, you know.” I whispered back: “Yeah, but that’s not as much fun.”

I haven’t yet pre-registered for NorWesCon 39.

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