When Phillip emailed me, earlier this week, that he had two passes to a free preview screening of Ex Machina, I tensed up. I realized I still had bad feelings about our terrible experience at the screening of Chappie at Pacific Place – bad feelings about the theater, about the way we were treated, and about free preview screenings in general. But Ex Machina would be showing at The Regal Meridian 16, not Pacific Place, so at least that was something.

So, we saw the screening tonight, and it all went well. We got there three hours early, had a good spot in line, and, despite some Sci-Fi group having VIP seating, and despite a third of the theater being reserved for Microsoft, we got in, and we got good seats together.

I loved Ex Machina! Like Chappie, it’s a tale of artificial intelligence.

I’d say that Ex Machina is the opposite of Chappie.

Chappie is more of a fantasy. Ex Machina is more science fiction.

Chappie is urban and gritty. Ex Machina is sterile and isolated.

Ex Machina is cerebral and serious. Chappie is physical and comedic.

The special effects in both movies are stunning.

So, which movie do I like better? It would depend on what I’m in the mood for.

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