Always Changing

I suppose I should have seen it coming, but it’s still surprising to me that my job has taken on a quasi-leadership nature. After all, even though I didn’t invent the process, I was the pioneer and developer of the shift in my job from analog to digital. I was the test pilot, with the power to adapt and alter the process as unforeseen circumstances arose.

Now the process is official, and I’ve become a teacher and adviser, as well as a user. I’m still the only person doing my job full-time, but now there are others helping out. I’m the one people are coming to for questions.

I don’t mind being a quasi-leader – it’s flattering, actually – but it’s not what I seek. I prefer to be in the engine room rather than the bridge. Or, perhaps, I’ve become accustomed to being in the engine room for three years or so.

But it’s fine. I’ll make it work.

Today, I was in the mood for some chicken dumpling soup. I walked over to the food court, but Bowls & Noodles was closed. It didn’t look like a permanent closure – I hope it’s not. The lights were out and no one was behind the counter. I’ve never seen more than two people working there, so maybe they both took the day off. I hope that’s what it was. I had a hamburger from JJ’s instead.

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